Lvcifyre - The Broken Seal

Lvcifyre is a black/death band from England which is active since 2007. They've released their last stuff on September 10th, 2021. A pure black-death metal album which brings you chaos and you can feel anti-social and riot in each track. it gets you to the 7th floor of the hell. "The Broken Seal" includes 9 tracks and it a magnificent album if you want to meet the evil.

First track is 'Gods Await Us' which begins with peace and after a short while you can see yourself in the middle of the hell. One of my favorite elements in this track is the sound of the floor tom (low tom) which crashes to your head and rape your brain's core. Solo's sound is good and enjoyable and other things are normal as they should be.

Second one ('Tribe Of Khem') has got a heavy riff in the intro which has been connected to the other sentence very good. Specific sections and tough different riffs have made this track the best track of this album for me. From 2:40 to the end is excellent.

'Black Beneath The Sun' is some kind of groovy black-death track which has on time change tempo and riffs. You can imagine yourself on the way of the devil to get your orders and people are watching you as their pattern. By the changes, I can feel the composer's conflicts. It has brought the track different feelings during about 5 minutes. I really like this track. it won't be repetitive for you. From this track, you can hear more death metal elements.

'Headless Rite' includes heavy palm muting face to face the god Great solo bass and you can see the hell from above as the third person and the main character. Grinding your balls and force you to stay sharp and full of hate. Rhythm guitars are fantastic and make you nervous.

In the fifth track, you can see yourself in the middle of war. I mean some kind of old school wars which are crowded and many men will be fucked up from the beginning to the end. But the war is between the gods and the devil. Solos are fabulous. The breakdown wasn't something acceptable for the listeners and in my opinion it is perfect.

'The Wolf Of The Great Dark's intro gives you some time to take a rest in war and then you're gonna face the next round of fight. As I've mentioned before, death metal's elements are growing up in this album track by track. you can hear that the drummer's touch on the kit is different in some parts which means that black sections and death sections and the connection between them have been analyzed before many times.

'The First Archon' is the 7th track of the album which reminds me some kind of circling and walking on the pentagram pattern. The anxious of the track gets you to the darkness of your heart which has been ruined by the pervious tracks before.

8th track of the album is a good normal track. I can feel some Morbid Angel signature in this song which got me to 10 years ago. In this track you can hear black and death metal connection completely.

The last one begins by some kind of funeral rite's song at the beginning. A funeral in hell by the devil… you can see nothing during the track. You're completely drown-dead in depth of the filth, blood and isthmus. It seems like to torture a hollow body which can resuscitate it by the drill which is the drums. Guitars and bass are helping the drums to do its duty perfectly.

Well, generally the album is magnificent and I really like it. Except the mixing and mastering which wasn't my favorite (some effects and so on could be something different and some parts' sound are no good enough to me) other things are good. Nothing more to say about it….

4.5 / 5 STARS

1. Gods Await Us
2. Tribes Of Khem
3. Black Beneath The Sun
4. Headless Rite
5. The Broken Seal
6. Wolves Of The Great Dark
7. The First Archon
8. Blood Of Az
9. Black Mass