Lyonite - Disguised In Darkness

Lyonite hails from the Netherlands and delivers a catchy, symphonic sound that cascades with an array of drums and bass. This musical melody coupled with the angelic voice of Claudia Edwards-van Muijen captures the essence of progressive metal. As a long time metal head, I'm not too keen on female fronted metal bands. After all there is a fine line between singing, growling and just shrieking. When I heard the first track, 'Liberty' I was grabbed about three seconds in and then I heard Claudia singing. At first I raised my fists in the air and yelled, "no!" because I am dramatic and, well, that whole thing before about female fronted heavy metal bands.

But, after some serious consumption of decaf coffee, I relaxed and listened. There is quite a smorgasbord of melodies, harmonies and changes throughout the album. This is a good thing, because while the vocalist has a soothing voice, she lacks range and sings in the same three keys throughout each track.

The first track, 'Liberty' opens with blistering guitar and sounds like a love song (if you listen to the lyrics - which I do) and then it turns into a song of angry heartbreak with an interesting bass bridge, followed by a guitar solo and some funky keyboard work. Interesting.

Something I noticed is that Track Three, 'Pride' is hauntingly similar to Track One. I'm not sure if this was purposeful or just a shake up of chords and tempo that came out like that, but it's pretty. The piano intro is catchy along with the marching band style drums; kinda like.

Now, if you dig serious jam session songs, you will fall in love with 'Tenfold The Threshold.' Because this song... this song has every type of jam session you may have your heart set on with wicked drums for the backdrop. There is much emotion in this instrumental and the varied degree of changes and tempos makes it the best track on the album.

As a whole, 'Disguised In Darkness' is a collection of progressive gothic metal that is reminiscent of a snowy forest filled with pillaging vikings while a lonely, caped maiden weeps in the distance as she waits for her savior.


  1. Liberty
  2. Mythical Interlude
  3. Pride
  4. My Disguise
  5. Tenfold The Threshold
  6. Celstial Interlude
  7. Forgiveness
  8. Soundless Emotions
  9. Darkness Ends