Macabra - Blood-Nurtured Nature

This is a 90’s styled death metal band, featuring none other than acclaimed artist Mark Riddick, who plays all instruments and is accompanied by vocalist Adrien "Liquifier" Weber (aka Lord Genocide?!). The nature of this beast is clear, as I opened this review with such a statement, from the opening tune ‘Life is the Symptom’ you get a taste of what I really like, classic death metal. Although, duplication may be called into question leading into the second track ’Fragments of Torpor’, the opening riff is very similar to the first track, listen hard, I know its different but to the casual listener? Hey, does it really matter, this is good stuff.

The guitar tone is haunting, dirty and precise, the vocals hit their mark without any hesitation or any lack of power, and the mix is rather good as I would come to expect in this genre and day and age. ‘Hominal Peel Diggers’ has a groove, a blast of speed, a blueprint of 90’s US and European Death metal. Modern touches in the guitar techniques surface to shatter any disrespectful comment on originality anyone may have, in truth, this is as good as it gets, I certainly prefer this genre to Riddick’s previous brutal death metal incarnations.

There is no denying this is a solid release and Riddick is an acclaimed musician and artist, but I wonder if there could be more life in these songs if there were more writers involved, from my files I have no such information regarding writers, hence, I stand by my comment. However, pondering questions aside, any fan of pure organic early 90’s death metal before the technical geeks got involved in the genre should really check out this effort.

  1. Life Is The Symptom
  2. Fragments Of Torpor
  3. Hominal Peel Diggers
  4. Blood-Nurtured Nature
  5. Consuming The Fleshy Wax
  6. Thick Slabs Of Moribund Fat
  7. Contribution To Your Dis-Elaboration
  8. Exile Of Sanity