Macabre Decay - Into Oblivion

Directly from cold Sweden here comes the new album by Macabre Decay, a band active in the death metal scene since 2014. This "Into Oblivion" is their second official work after the release of "Purgatory" dated 2018. Much more mature work under all the aspects and endowed with an extraordinary freshness. Band perhaps unknown to the most but that sees in their ranks members (and former members) of Centinex, Incarnated and Theory In Practice. Sound therefore attributable to the Swedish trend but played and produced with the future in mind.

Since the opener 'Icon' Macabre Decay immediately put their stylistic coordinates in black and white. Powerful and melodic riffs, a pulsating and pounding rhythm section and a voice from beyond the grave to mix everything. 'Impenitent Homicide', the title track 'Into Oblivion' and the subsequent 'Utterly Helpless' do not leave a moment of respite and push hard grinding riffs after riffs.

'Altered Flesh' seems to give us a moment of respite but then starts hammering again despite being one of the most "melodic" and direct songs of the whole album. Truly fine song from all points of view.

Unfortunately I know very little about this band, but it sure was a fantastic surprise. The return of certain sounds, perhaps the most loved over the last few decades, will bring new fans to the band and will confirm those who already know this group. 'Wall of Bones' continues the path taken during the first part of the album while with the next 'Last Breath' you return to push on the accelerator. Really good and varied album at the same time. Divinely played and excellently produced. to have at all costs. Mark this name because we will hear some good things about it. Horns up !!

4 / 5 STARS

1. Icon
2. Impenitent Homicide
3. Into Oblivion
4. Utterly Helpless
5. The Becoming Of Art
6. Altered Flesh
7. Wall Of Bones
8. Last Breath
9. Beauty In Carnage
10. Kräks, Förruttnelse Och Våld