Macbeth - Gotteskrieger

Macbeth is a veteran act from East Germany. Formed in 1985 under the name Caliban, they endured much trouble including the suicide of their original singer in 1989 and the death of their drummer in 1993. Reforming in 2002, this is their second full length.

The album starts off with two thunderous numbers. Rightfully calling their style German Metal, you get aggressive, grave vocals, and the tight, compact compositions that the Fatherland is known for. It’s easy to write them off as a more hostile and rough Rage. However, by the third song, ‘Das Boot’, they spice up the formula. The aforementioned songs contrast the speedy heaviness with mournful, doomish sounds, the next song continuous in that vein with the irresistible calls of ‘Golgotha’ The acoustic ‘Vater’ release the tension, the title track returns us to the starting style. The structurally ambitious ‘Maiekafer Fleg’ serves us brief melodies, a little girl singing and an acoustic passage. The next two songs vary the doom and the power of the sound. The closing ‘Am Grab’ closes the album with masterful heavy tension, effectively incorporating a violin texture and a moody bass solo.

I think I dare to say that any fan of heavy Teutonic metal will be pleased with this fine, fine offering.

1. Unter Dem Beil
2. Hunde Wollt Ihr Ewig Leben
3. Das Boot
4. Golgatha
5. Vater
6. Gotteskrieger
7. Maikaefer Flieg
8. Mein Kleiner Soldat
9. Totentanz
10. Am Grab
Massacre Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 28, 2009

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