Magenta Harvest - A Familiar Room

Magenta Harvest's 'A Familiar Room' is brief, but an enticing death metal experience. Although it brings nothing new to the genre, the band gives a top notch performance that manages aggression, rhythm, and even melody. "Sermon" hits hard like any typical death metal track, full of growls and blast beats galore. "Spawn Of Neglect" is more rock oriented while "Killing Sign" falls into melodic death metal territory while not relenting on any of the aggressive parts. There are no keyboards and no tendency to switch between heavy and soft- it's all heavy, especially in the vocal department which just growls like a mad dog. Finally, "A Familiar Room" brings things full circle with the more straightforward death metal sound again. It's a brief, but good heap of music that is sure to grab some listener interest as the band continues to develop and prepare their first full length, which should indeed be quite a monster upon completion.

  1. Sermon
  2. Spawn Of Neglect
  3. Killing Sign
  4. A Familiar Room

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Mar 31, 2011

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