Maggot Shoes - Fear Terrorism

One of Germanys oldest Grindcore bands return with a new album called “Fear Terrorism”. Since the band was founded back in 1993 they released a demo, several Split recordings and (incl. “Fear Terrorism”) 3 full length CD´s. Their style hasn´t changed very much, so if you already know their older records, you know what to expect: some intros (this time from The Simpsons, Hellraiser and other stuff), simple Grindcore riffing and vocals that range from growling to high-pitched screams. To be honest: this isn´t very exciting, but it still has some good aspects like a few breakdowns or the humorous song titles. The whole rest simply needs more variation and imagination to avoid getting boring. Maggot Shoes reminds me several times of the Swiss Grindcore act Embalming Theatre. Guess this is a good point of reference. This CD is strictly suitable for the lovers of sample-ridden, simplistic Grindcore with a sense of humour.

1. Fear Terrorism
2. Dirt Style
3. Cause For Riot
4. Mr. Brown
5. Dogshit Biscuit
6. Your Life
7. Volcano Head
8. Nosegrind
9. Privacy Souled Out
10. Shut Up!
11. Killer2
12. Spencer's Bud
13. Wanker
14. Snuff
15. _#_#_#
FDA Rekotz
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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