Magister Dixit – Maze Of Thousand Ways

Magister Dixit (which is Latin for “Master Said”) pack such a sound on the album ‘Maze Of A Thousand Ways’ you might think they are from the depths of Norway. Alas, this melodic black metal band hails from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and delivers a classic black metal sound complete with grungy growls, grainy instruments and that metallic ‘are they playing in a giant sewer pipe’ sound.

A classic Venom sound at its finest, this album is complete with everything a black metal fan’s little heart truly desires. Even ‘L'héritier Du Mal,’ the last track on the album (the title alone will make the average black metal fan assume Magister Dixit hails from the land of Burzum), encompasses all that is grimy black metal. Epic!

While this is a well put together album with all the feastings of a traditional black metal sound, the most interesting track on the album is ‘Witchunting By The River’ with marching drums and a peaceful flute mixed with echoic chanting. This light tune makes for a transport back in time to a small peasant-filled village in true Viking times. Simply awesome.

If you are a fan of any kind of black metal, especially furious black metal (there seems to be sub-genres galore out today – though ‘furious’ isn’t one… yet) do yourself a favor and pick up ‘Maze of a Thousand Ways.’ You’ll freaking love the complexity of this album.

1. Sinister World Of Dementia
2. Maze Of Thousand Ways
3. Blizzard King
4. Ancient Tongue We Speak
5. The Book Of Isha (The Curse Of Azgath Pt. XI)
6. Trumpets Battle (The Curse Of Azgath Pt. XII)
7. Witchunting By The River
8. L'héritier Du Mal