Mahakala - Devil's Music

In 2005 the quartet recorded its debut, self-titled E.P which was released on 2007 by Spanish indie label Parade Records, followed up by powerful live appearances in their hometown, Athens, Greece. In 2009, having undergone several line-up changes, the sludgy sound of the first E.P turned into a 70's fueled satanic heavy metal hybrid in the vein of their favorite 80's metal bands. In 2011 they entered Sierra Studios and recorded 100% live the "Devil's Music".

Come Rise
Expertly played guitar chords with a good solid build-up of sophisticated melodic beats.

Evil Man
Stunning track with a dizzying array of riffs and blended drum beats that have me lunging towards the volume control to crank it up higher. This sounds very early Sabbathesque with good rock beats and along with it comes the compulsive head banging!

Pact With The Devil
This track has the ability to provoke and ignite emotion as its grinding and intriguing bass which in turn throbs out a doom laden scenario. Enthralling and captivating with enough intensity to keep you hooked. Great little chugger with staying power!

Promised Land Pt.: Prelude
Sinister with ambiance, a good deep strong penetrating bass line and shrill crisp chords turning into eerie beats unfold with sheer abandon and heaps of intensity will no doubt just smack the senses into submission.

Promised Land Pt. 2: Salvation
Great blistering groves and a superb build up with pummelling ferocity giving the listener a lot of audial attention. A constant assault of venom and menace.

Modern Saints
Heavy with clear doom essences great slicing vocal assault and uncompromising powerful pummelling beats. The good old rock influences are there in their glory and not once, have I stopped banging my head! 

By My Hand
Impressively stimulating although Mahakala haven’t really trodden new ground but they do possess that quality feel to their music. This track has throbbing grooves and intense melodies and loving that doom laden feeling, the vocals are raw and compelling and have that rock connotation attached to them which is superb and a great balance of grinding riffs showing awesome intense hypnotic fury fuelled aggression towards the end of the track.

Murder In Neverland
Another fuelled filled injected track with an Ozzy flavoured vocal. My ears are loving being infiltrated with this. This has a powerful intensity that carries a beautiful darkness with sublime melodies and hits the spot nicely! I think they should ask Ozzy to do a cover of this track it is phenomenal!

Lust For Your Blood
Flurry of pummelling beats and electric distorted guitar explodes with unrelenting, unforgiving irreverence. It is ferocious, intense and abrasive in delivery although that doesn’t mean it does not slow-down in tempo either it is one mega track that has more bite than a venomous snake. My ears feel totally violated by this track and it feels so good - it is leaving me ravenous for more! Definitely a mind altering experience!

The King Is Dead
A chugger that keeps on chugging with high tempo annihilation.  The vocals are growled with vehemence delicious and sensational and yet straight forward no nonsense approach. Breath-taking with a mixture of variations – cool track.

Devil’s Song
Slow paced doom laden with a constant solid beat running through it, rhythmically superb, with a swagger effect of riffs. Passionate with very large ravines for grooves that are compelling and driven with intensity mischievous hooks and teasing riffs it really whets the appetite.

Holy Satan!!! Has this finished already??? 11 Tracks just flew by so quickly amazing how time flies when you are getting down and dirty with a 70’s fuelled Satanic Heavy Metal band! This is just superb from start to finish, its doom streak mixed with its rock and metal bite lures you into its sultry smooth seduction and low and behold it will leave you inspired, energised and ready to take on the world.

You owe it to yourself to check this band out – seriously occultation is treading old ground with new boundaries here – I cannot say enough positive things about this album.  Its metal attitude just drips from every single note and its lush melodic moments will leave you refreshed and open mouthed, bristling with sheer intensity and offers a fiery swell of monstrous, infectious grooves! Loving this and you will too when you hear it!

A definite must hear!


  1. Come Rise
  2. Evil Man
  3. Pact with The Devil
  4. Promised Land Pt.: Prelude
  5. Promised Land Pt. 2: Salvation
  6. Modern Saints
  7. By My Hand
  8. Murder In Neverland
  9. Lust For Your Blood
  10. The King Is Dead
  11. Devil’s Song