Majestic Downfall/Ansia - Split

A split with two bands. Majestic Downfall is from Mexico and active since 2006 when the solo man Jacobo left the band Antiqua. Ansia is a band from Italia and active since 2006 due to the will of finding new sounds into the doom scene.

But Majestic Downfall is opening the split with 3 songs that are more accessible than the 3 of Ansia. Doom with a groove. Low singing vocals, piano, flute and melancholic guitars. And the second song "In An Ocean Of Fears" they continue what they started. But the last song of Majestic Downfall is more up tempo and sounding heavier that the previous two.

The songs of Ansia on the contruary are sounding darker and more obscure. Long soundscapes with tormenting voices in slow songs. Also a piano here and there. The second song has an sound effect like you are listening to a scratched vinyl album. Maybe it is not a real song but more of a long interlude. The 3rd part is real depressing and suffering as you can hear in the vocals and in the middle of the song you get a couple of minutes sound fx.
This split show two different bands and which one you like you have to decide for yourself.

Majestic Downfall
1. A Birds Departure
2. In An Ocean Of Fears
3. A Tear Of understanding

4. Part I
5. Part II
6. Part III

Solitude Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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