Make It Count - Leeway

From Berlin (Germany) comes this NY style hardcore band. Make It Count began in 2005 to tell the world what hardcore should sound like. So after a demo and lots of gigs the bnd is signed and in 2008 they release their debut album "Leeway" which includes all the songs they ever made.

So what could you expect? Well, the 10 tracks are a crossover of straight forward fast tempo and groovy moshing midparts. This is creating a good vibe in both parts. Not only aggression but also melodic. Vocals are raw shouting and bringing a positive message. And the vocals are also handed by some guest shouters.

All together this is an energetic album that wants you to participate. Not only with the chorusses but also in the moshpit as you can on the pics, not only in the booklet but also on their site. Go check it out as you want to hear something positive.

1. Intro
2. On My Own
3. Still Carry On
4. What It Means
5. One Step Ahead
6. All These Words
7. Right Here8. Whatever It Takes (cover Battery)
9. Make It Count
10. Everyday Life

GSR Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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