When it comes to grindcore there's a lot of joke bands filling the slots where others could easily replace these and produce stronger material. Male mISANDRIA are one of these bands where it's nearly impossible to tell whether they should be taken seriously or not. Considering that they play their live shows with paper bags on their heads, despite the funny side to that, i simply cannot decide if this is a serious attempt for the grindcore scene or not.

With most tracks lasting an estimate of a minute each, it's difficult to pick a favourite, or even notice a stand out song. Samples are hidden rarely throughout, and I'm guessing they're in Spanish, which would mean Male mISANDRIA are from Spain. I'm not familiar with many Spanish metal bands, but the hope that these wacky musicians bring, isn't particularly mind boggling. In fact, the only mind boggling thing about it is that some of the song titles are hard to pronounce, apart from the very few titles that appear in English, such as 'Vomitsoapbubbles', 'Money Turns Into Paper', and 'So I'm Cook'.

The tracks finish with a slight pause before erupting into the next, yet there's something that makes the songs feel as if they're unfinished, like as the song ends you feel you're expecting something else other than just ending all of a sudden. 'Nella Culla Della Speranza' is one of the few that manages to avoid sounding exactly like the rest, perhaps with its hypnotic styled riff. The only other track that manages to stand out is the final track 'In Staione Di Guerra',  mainly because it's ten minutes long, but has an eight minute break inbetween, revealing a hidden track at the end, which is pretty much just a thrashy riff - but it's catchy.

Male mISANDRIA could become a satisfying band for the average grind fan, but there are a lot of put offs within this album as mentioned above. Grindcore for me, is a genre that takes time to grow, and with this release it's going to take me a little longer to appreciate what I'm hearing. The twenty-five tracks in this album offer some form of future hope for this band to up their game before their next release, just enough to separate each of the tracks from each other, and avoiding the repetition process. However, if you like your music as mad as a bag of snakes, with little definition of what is actually going on, this could be very much for you to enjoy.


  1. Sangue del mio sangue
  2. So I'm cook
  3. Amorfe
  4. Earth Reset
  5. Somni specus
  6. Convinzioni
  7. Non siete
  8. Homo Homini Homo
  9. Scriba
  10. Alba
  11. Vomitsoapbubbles
  12. Nella culla della speranza
  13. Come creta
  14. Cometa
  15. Certezze
  16. Daltonico
  17. Money turns into paper
  18. L'amore perso
  19. Coscienza
  20. Coerenza
  21. Idolima
  22. Noi
  23. Incendio
  24. Jizo
  25. In stagione di guerra


Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 13, 2012

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