Maledia - She And Her Darkness

A gothic band from Italy, this is the fifth LP of Maledia. The main selling point of the band is the beautiful, powerful and sometimes sinister soprano voice of lead siren Loo. Her vocals evoke the feel of Tarja Turunen although maintaining enough personality to be distinguished. Guitarist Danielle rough voice pops up as support time and again and he can stand his own as well. The sound is anchored by moody piano work, set against metallic riffing and choral backing.

Well-executed disc with a singer to keep an eye (and ears) on.

1. Ouverture_ The Walking Whispers
2. In Devil's Embrace
3. Fly To Die
4. Silent Essence (Dancing On A Lake Of Screams)
5. Perfect Enemy
6. Crystal Tears
7. Black Heaven
8. She And Her Darkness
9. Sacryledia
10. Ti Sento (cover Matia Bazar)
11. A Ghost Within
Zero Effect Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 4, 2009

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