Maledicta - Eruption From Insides

Started in 2001 and after recorded two demos this is the debut album of Italian Maledicta. The 5 guys are making some unconventional extreme metal according the infosheet. But you can also call it prgressive death metal with medieval or epic touches. Heavy based songs with a keyboard sauce over it. The melody is very diverse in the songs and range from stewing to atmospheric. Also a female vocalist is coming around. It is not so extreme as they want us to believe because of the keys and epic passages. But it is worth trying to listen to it and then you can judge for yourself.

1. Neurosisma
2. Onaram Smoke
3. Destruction
4. The Dark Alchemy Of The Elements
5. Five Demons
6. Traditional Neverending Friend
7. Eruption From Insides
8. Praha Drinking Team
9. Epoca Maledicta

Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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