Maleficentia - Revelation From The Ancestral Whisper

French black/death symphonic metal. What can I say, this album is great and well put together, just don't expect to hear anything original here and all will be good. I like the vampiresque mood that clouds the atmosphere of this album especeally in the 4th track " Heuristic Embrace". Packed with heavy keyboards, ghouish vocals, technical riffs and upbeat, speedy drumming both makes and breaks this album. Awesome sound, extremely well mixed and filled with darkness is what to expect with "Revelation From The Ancestral Whisper". If you are a sucker for music with a huanting background and ghostly effects like I am and have no high expectations in mind then you will appreciate this album. Although some might disagree with me I am giving this album a 4/5. It didn't bore me and I find that it makes great background music for when I'm just chilling or working on something.

1. Through The Mirror Of Flesh

2. Between Tiffauges Walls

3. Scarlet Legacy

4. Heuristic Embrace
5. A Forgotten Sanctuary

6. In The Shadow Of Labarum

7. Twilight Synod

8. Revelation from the Ancestral Whisper
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009
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