Malfeitor - Dum Morior Orior

Malfeitor are old hands of the scene of death metal. Its something theyve been doing for a long time and were about in the

first instance of old school swedish death metal alongside Dismember, Entombed and Grave back in the late 80s/early 90s. But whilst all the others got discovered and had a break and as you all know the rest is history unfortunately for these guys, they got forgotten and sadly split up. But all was not in vein for these guys for Benny Moberg and Mattias Parkkila ,some years later joined Blood Mortized with Parkkila doing vocals on the classic "Bestial" EP. Having got the hunger for it all via this, these guys left Blood Mortized to re-form Mafeitor and even more years later in 2012 were given their long awaited and much overdue debut album "Dum Morior Orior". Is it worth the wait? Fuck yes! Think of course, Dismember and Entombed having a jam with their 90s U.S. counterparts, Morbid Angel and maybe first album Hate Eternal. Its not over technical, its not fancy, its just brutal death metal and it is heavy as aul fuck! Theres a nice blend of fast and slow riffs which really harnesses pure anger. The riffs are jagged and at times discordant which really leave the listener unsettled. "Beyond The Horrorizon" - Is that a play on words?- has a sing along chorus that clearly was writing for live. So sing along folks when you see these guys next - "DIE FUCKING DIE" The Entombed influences can be heard very much so in the very cool title, "Death, the dead and me", which might i say is a quality song. Its all here you swedish death metal fans, The pounding drums, the distorted bass, the guttural vocals and off course that sunlight studios guitar sound which is served up in heaps. That saying, the drums are a real highlight too which kind of give that Hate Eternal feel. They are not your regular Swedish death metal drums! They twist and turn with all sorts of patterns and really add to the ferocity of the record. Class.


What really lets this record down is it sounds like at times it has been cut and pasted and built up in parts. Some of the transitions of the songs dont feel "natural" and i feel this kinda take from the generally organic feel to most swedish death metal records. But hey fuck that,its a minor gripe, lets just rejoice for Malfeitor and welcome them back to the scene. Its been a while guys, welcome back.


  1. Conversation In Minor
  2. Beyond The Horrorizon
  3. When Last Breath Fades
  4. Exile From Sanity
  5. To Hell, Farewell
  6. Death, The Dead And Me
  7. Rolling With Corpses
  8. And The Sky Turned To Rage
  9. Psychosis
  10. Scenes From A Slaughterhouse
  11. Sojourn Hell

Reviewer: Connor
Jul 17, 2012

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