Malfested - Shallow Graves

Debut EP for this new Belgian line-up Malfested that comes with an excellent product called "Shallow Graves". 6 songs ranging from classic to more modern death metal.

Clear influences that recall bands such as Bloodbath and Carnation but which fortunately manage to range over even softer and more melodic territories that make the work much more varied and assimilable ('Masked With The Skulls Of the Fallen').

'Fields of Bloodshed' shows us all the ability of this band to be able to offer a truly varied sound, powerful and in step with the times. Unfortunately at the moment the line up remains unknown but I'm sure that behind this project there is the hand of someone who has chewed bread and death metal for many years.

Good songwriting, the construction of the pieces and the wisdom of knowing how to dose with great precision every change of style. 'Venefica' pushes the record at an uncontrolled speed, unloading swirling and powerful riffs on us. Rhythmic section always present and great supporter of the whole backbone of the pieces.

'Incantations' and 'Cistern Of Souls' close this EP to which we will surely be linked for a long time waiting for a probable full length. Excellent debut from all points of view. great work

4 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Shallow Graves
2. Masked With The Skulls Of The Fallen
3. Fields Of Bloodshed
4. Venefica (The Banished One)
5. Incantations
6. Cistern Of Souls

Self released
Reviewer: Enrico Benedetti
Dec 21, 2020

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