Malignancy - Eugenics

It has been a long time since a new album has come from these guys, 5 years in fact. I must state that these guys are one of my favourite bands of all time. The sheer ferocity and technicality of these guys has always captivated and mesmerized me in every way since I heard "Intrauterine Cannibalism". To me, they are the only band out there who have never ever compromised heaviness for technicality (which alot of bands do!!) Now before I continue with this review, it may sound biased but I must state that I didn't like their last effort, for me, it was toooooo technical. To me it was a complete blitzkrieg of harmonics and blast beats and lacked any real groove which might I add is something that Malignancy have down to a tee. They have this sick ability to blow our heads off with sheer immense force then twist it all round and make the pit stomp. A talent in itself and possessed by few. But how does "Eugenics" fair?

When I check out the cover, it makes me think of the "The Hills Have Eyes" movies and all the deformed rednecks who have been exposed to radiation. The artwork here is badass. I love it and I think it will look fantastic on a shirt! Class! It's worth a mention that this album has Roger J Beaujard back in the band who used to play drums for these guys but here, he is on the bass. One question I would ask, "dude, is there anything you cant play!?", he's gotta be one of the most unspoken talents in death metal today! But not only this, this album has got the one, the only Mike Heller on drums whose just fresh back from tour with the mighty Fear Factory. Those of you don't know, that guy who isn't Gene Hoglan behind the kit with FF, this is Mike Hellers original band (there was Kalopsia too, but thats another story). Awesome stuff!!

The album begins with a radio sample playing various styles of music before it bursts into the salvo of shredding molten steal that is "Typezero". Ron Kachnic's guitar twists, turns and squeals its way through the track making me think he should do one of those "Bet you cant play this" vids online except get the whole band to do it. Ron Kachnic has always influenced me as a guitarist and I feel on this album, he has really pushed the boundaries of his own playing! Everything about this album is technical. There is very minute parts that are linear. The vocals are probably the most linear thing about the record. Sure to the naked ear, some might say "They are just screams and grunts" but fuck that, Danny Nelson is one of my favourite vocalists in death metal. His range is sooooo off the chart, it's shocking! He can go so low but piercingly high. His range is impressive!

The production on this record is much better than "Inhuman Grotesqueries", it's much heavier but clearer. I can hear Roger's bass work which is fantastic and truly compliments the chaotic guitar work. The drums? Well, just go listen to them. One of the best drummers out there in my humble opinion. For me, it's hard to pick a favourite track or 2. I throughly enjoyed listening to this album whilst drinking a beer and smoking a pipe of the green stuff for it soothes my head and allows me to process the whirlwind of metal that is going through my ears. 'Global Systemic' really really gets the blood pumping, the way it opens quite cleanly then twists up. Masterpiece! For me, my highlights, not favourites have gotta be 'Monstrous' and 'Cataclysmic'. Why? Because they are just so goddamn heavy. Like I say, these guys should do a vid of the whole band doing a "bet ya cant play this vid". Awesome stuff.

So whilst I patiently wait for Mortician's return (another old fav), this is the closest I'm gonna get saying it features some of its talents. So Malignancy, you've done it again and I doth my proverbial cap. For this is my album of the year so far. Amazing!


  1. Intro
  2. Typezero
  3. Eugenics
  4. Extinction
  5. Global Systemic
  6. Cataclysmic
  7. Separatists
  8. Monstrous
  9. Cryptobiosis
  10. Creatures
  11. The Breach