Malleficarum - Malleficarum

We're going to drag you deep into the underground now, to take a look at this self-titled demo from brutal Spaniards Malleficarum, released in 2007. What we have here is a five-track slab of grim, brutal and primitive death metal, with a low budget production! Although this demo is only a couple of years old, it sounds distinctly older and could easily have been dredged up from the very early days of death metal. There are the primitive riffs, the rather haphazard song-writing style and the excellently gutteral vocals, all delivered with no frills but a lot of intensity. The guitars are fizzy and distorted (and sound a bit out of tune on the first track), the drums clattering and the bass overly prominent occasionally. Some of the riffs remind me of the classic extreme metal pioneers Venom and Bathory - particularly the opening riff  to 'Forjando Odio', I detect a bit of an Obituary influence maybe, and some of the thrashier parts remind me of MORTUARY DRAPE.

On the whole this CD isn't bad - it has a lot of primitive underground charm, but that wears off a bit towards the end. This does sound rather like a demo released twenty years ago rather than two - the song-writing is rather haphazard, and I feel that if the band could concentrate on drawing out the dark, grim atmosphere from their songs a bit more, then they could really have a noteworthy release.

1. In Nomine Satanas
2. Evocando A La Muerte
3. Devorador De Almas
4. Made In Hell
5. Forjando Odio
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 5, 2009

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