Malleus - To Fade Inside A Waste

Malleus are a talented deathcore band from Italy with just a few demos under their belt, but their skill is still evident. To Fade Inside A Waste is a crunching five track demo of brutal melodies. The production isn't terrible so it doesn't sound like it was recorded in a garage but it still holds a crusty feel to the music to make it even darker. There's a couple points where the music tends to fade in and out but it doesn't ruin the quality of the music. The guitars are the usual chugging train of death metal with the drums that almost hold a tribal feel to it. Every once in a while the music breaks into a solo or some technical melodies but mostly expect chord after chord. The vocals are done in the usual death bark similar to bands like Carnifex and Job For a Cowboy; nothing special, but still effective.

Malleus does have a few tricks up their sleeve. "Doom By Bystander" has some muttered vocals with some very slow, almost doom metal string picking that sound even more evil than when they are growled. The drums are a very percussive tap to match the mood of the music. "Anj-L" is almost completely different from the other tracks considering how slow and quiet the music is. The vocalist actually sings here along with his growling, but the growling is somewhat laughable when the music is slow and melodic. His bark is more suited for the heavier stuff. Despite this, it is a different side of Malleus that is quite enjoyable. It is good to know that a deathcore band is not afraid to step outside the genre boundaries to create something unique compared to what is expected. If deathcore fans are looking for a breath of fresh metal, then this is it.

Considering the last track, hopefully Malleus will continue to follow such a style and become something close to a progressive deathcore band. As long as they keep little surprises like these to a minimum it will continue to be an exciting aspect for fans. Some bands take the best of their music and overdo it on the next album so the entire style loses its magic; hopefully with Malleus it will not be the case. Any label would be proud to have these death beaters so let us hope they find one soon so they can continue to put out more good music.

  1. Must Hide
  2. To Fade Inside A Waste
  3. Doom By Bystander
  4. Here Are All Hopes Lost
  5. Anj-L

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Apr 6, 2010

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