Man Must Die - The Human Condition

Scotland is a country famous for their rain. And what do you do when it is raining? Right, making music to drift the rainy clouds away and the best way to do so is some really brutal shit. They did it before in 2004 with "Start Killing" and that was a nice kick off. But they learned some new raindances the last 3 years and so they try it again in 2007 with "The Human Condition". It begins with a 1 minute preparation but than it is serious business. Wow and Wow! The double bass blasts keep coming althought the sound could be more warmer. The grunts have no problem following the lines and the guitars riff melody after melody. Tempo is fast and furious but there are breaks to slower down. So after hearing these stampede of brutality I assume it will never rain again in Scotland or it will be dark for the next years...

1. Intro
2. Silent Observer
3. March Of The Clones
4. Waster
5. 1000 Promises Of Pain
6. Cardboard Gangster
7. Past The Point
8. You Stand Alone
9. Elitist
10. Organized Insanity
11. Suicide Gene

Relapse Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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