Manic Scum - Acidic Remains

Even though we are still in the first couple of months of 2016, there is no doubt in my mind that Manic Scum's new CD EP, "Acidic Remains", will be one of the top releases of the whole year. I say this even though it is a CD release of 2014 digital release. The band's origin's date back to 2011, and they have a demo and one other release. Upon listening to this CD, you will think that this band has been at it longer than 6 years. So, brace yourself and prepare for sonic obliteration!

The band really packs a punch in only four songs with a playing time of a  little under 15 minutes. There are hints of old school and new school here, but the band have found that perfect balance to create their own unique style of playing. The riffs are really powerful and almost have that feel which one might find reminiscent of Incantation during the "Onward To Golgotha" era only without the muffled production. Also in the mix of riffage are hints of Autopsy somewhere between Severed Survival and Mental Funeral except more rigid in its delivery. The solos are ok but are lacking in punch packing power as it seems there is very little "mass" or "depth" to them. Those who have listened to this type of death metal/grindcore for years know exactly what I am talking about. Strangely enough, though, the way the solos are played and the resulting sound adds personality to each track even if it seems that it is a multiple personality. Perhaps that is the effect the band was going for. Despite what I would consider a minor flaw, the music aspect of this CD is quite enjoyable as I have now listened to it multiple times. I really like the bass level on these tracks. It is more prominent in some tracks than others, but it is at a level where it has a  positive impact on the CD as a whole and is not overwhelmed and drowned out by other aspects of the music. Now the vocals are the final nail in the coffin and solidify my thoughts on this CD EP being one of the best releases of 2016. Upon hearing these massive growls the thought that immediately came to mind was a mixture of vocals from Napalm Death during the "Harmony Corruption" era and Necrophobic during the "Unholy Prophecies" demo era. Definitely one of the highlights of this release as the vocals take this release to depths untold for a level of over the top awesomeness.

Unspeakable Axe Records deserve a lot of respect and reverence in that they saw something in this release and chose to release it in a physical sense. This label knows talent when they see it and there is definitely no lack of it within this band. I urge any and every fan of the death metal/grindcore genre to get in touch with this label and get this CD as soon as possible. This release is a necessity in every extreme metal head's collection. After hearing this release multiple times, the band has me very anxious and craving for a full length release. When they do get ready for that release there is no doubt that, if they go into the process like they did with this EP, We're going to be in for an experience like no other.

  1. Strapped To The Gurney
  2. Necromutation
  3. Human Pulp
  4. Acidic Remains

Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 8, 2016
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