Manifest - Hedonism

From Norway comes this Manifest consisting of four members. The traditional line up with guitars, bass, drum and vocals. Their music is not traditional and with this I mean they are playing crossover. On this second release they mix death, thrash and progressive. Being proud that they played over hundred gigs with W.O.A. 2005 as a highlight, can be heard in their playing. They play tight and massive. The songs going from up tempo with lots of double bass drums to mid parts with lots of bass drums. Solos are nicely integrated in the tunes. Manifest is putting groove in the tight songs that are sounding like a machine because the bass drums. But the problem with Manifest is that there are a lot of bands playing the so called modern thrash metal. Ofcourse it is not bad and also not outstanding. With "Hedonism" they walk the path in the middle but they can do it with their heads in the air.

1. Chemical Solution
2. Unrelenting
3. Machinery Of Violence
4. Swine
5. Cursed To Prevail
6. Hydroplaning
7. My Equilibrium
8. Breaking ‘Em In
9. Cynical Perception

Morningstar Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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