Manon – MMMIII – Northern Dignity

As you’ve probably discerned from the album title this release was out in 2003 and at the helm of this band is a guy from Italy called Albrecht who I think has reissued this album again though I am uncertain as to whether it is digital only or if it is getting a physical product as at the time of its original release it was extremely limited to a handful of people I believe.

This black metal release is despairingly raw with a hollow sound but not as raw as the original black metal pioneers where lo-fi was the rule as 'Pride and Honour' opens the release with a primitive gnarly riff. The harsh throaty vocals are suitably gritty as the track shifts focus around multiple riffs as I felt that the structure was very similar to old Brazilian blackened death metal acts such Sarcofago, Chakal etc with that intrinsic nihilistic quotient when the song speeds up. 'Drug' has an excellent riff as the speed rockets up with the snare effect blurring the song uncontrollably into borderline oblivion before an abrupt change to clean spoken vocals and an excellent riff and catchy beat. That catchy beat is retained for 'Reed Bungle' which has hints of acts like Hellhammer and Bathory again the ever fluxing tempos are excellent with the vocals being voracious and demonically driven. 'Steel, War, Death' continues that theme by being slower on the pace as a double bass simulation scurries along. The manic blasting phases are demented and if I’m honest they seemed pointless and added nothing to the song and felt tagged on for the sake but the riff towards the end is awesome, superbly catchy it had me nodding my head.

Tagged on the end of this release are two bonus tracks that are from 1999 recorded during the guys demo days that did not end up on the sole demo 'The Ancient Spirit Of Nature'. The tracks are typically embittered affairs, resolute bleak riffing stricken by a rawness that showcases the caustic barbaric vocal emanations on 'The Altar Of My Soul' and 'Immortality'.

Whilst I am unsure whether this is getting a physical release at this stage this is decent black metal from a decade and half ago from an obscure artist to add to your collection if you are so inclined.

  1. Pride And Honour
  2. Drug
  3. Smell The Children
  4. Reed Bungle
  5. Steel, War, Death
  6. Wolves
  7. The Altar Of My Soul
  8. Immortality Visions


Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 16, 2018

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