Maple Cross - Next Chapter

From the cold part of Finland comes Maple Cross with an album full of modern thrash metal that will make you warm inside. Caracteristic and dominating voice that sounds aggressive and like sandpaper. The songs have various tempo breaks (nice acceleration in track 6) and different melodylines. Nice double guitarriffing and some funky basslicks. The album is an easy listening one and before you know you have arrived at track 11. Good album from Maple Cross.

1. The spirit of northern brotherhood
2. Au revoir
3. Last steps of joe
4. World wide mystery
5. The chosen people
6. Simply simplicity
7. Invincibles
8. Victim of life
9. Nothing starts from the beginning
10. Embodiment of air
11. New direction

Verikauma Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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