Marche Funèbre – Norizon

Doom/Death from Belgium. “Norizon” is the debut EP from Marche Funèbre who’s members consist of: Peter (ex-Dusk) lead guitar, Roel (ex-In Vain) bass, Kurt: rhythm guitar, Arne (Mortifier, Gurthang, ex-Herfst, ex-Ecliptice) vocals and Dennis (Self Inflicted) drums, whom have been together as Marche Funèbre since 2008.
With “Norizon” Marche Funèbre presents us with some very decent riffs, great drumming and love those growling vocals (some nice clear vocals do pop in now and then lending a pleasent and fitting surprise). This 4 track creates a very dark, gloomy and haunted atmosphere and the track “The Silent Watcher” is just evil (this was the track that grabbed me). On the downside I feel that the tracks are alittle rough and could have been better mixed then again maybe a better recording would steal away from the mood of this piece. This is deffinately old school in sound and style so don’t expect anything new here in that aspect but if you love classic doom that is slightly laced with influences of very old My Dying Bride and Katatonia then you will really be able to get into “Norizon”. Being a total sucker for old classic sounding death and doom and loving the authenticity of unpolished recordings done right with true soul behind it I gladly stand behind “Norizon” and give it a more than faire rating of 4/5.

Self released
Reviewer: Metalhead

Aug 17, 2009

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Marche Funèbre – Norizon


1. The March
2. The Silent Watcher
3. Benighted
4. On Wings Of Azral


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