Marduk - Panzer Division Marduk

Marduk has been around enough to know that their genre is extreme black metal. When I say "extreme" I mean literally no letup during any of the songs. Legion slays on vocals, Evil dishes out amazingly fast guitar, Bogge blisters on bass and Fredrik Andersson blast beats on the drums galore. There aren't any songs on this album that are slow by any means. It's high intensity, riffs are tremolo picked so fast it's amazing. They've got to be on speed to play this fast and relentlessly empowering. There's no song on here that isn't filled with blast beating.

First of all, the songs are not only fast, but are memorable. That's one thing that stuck to me when I was listening to this release. All of the songs are worthy of praise. It's 30 minutes of hyper speed Satanic black metal. Some riffs on the guitar were a tad slow but then it's followed by more tremolo picking. It doesn't matter what song that you pick for this. All of them are worthy of praise. Just by intensity, awesome throat, shining guitar riffs, limited amount of solo guitar work, and drums that go well along with the music.

The music and vocals are the highlight to this. All of the songs I like. That is because of the intensity, the amazing amount of hard work on the unique guitar overtures, and drums backing up this amazing release. I love the guitar because the riffs have so much diversity in speed which is what makes this album stand out among the black metal loving community. The guitar goes well along with the vocals. They designed it good to have it made like that which is awesome. A song may open with a riff that has chords then the drums come in and the guitar goes insane.

Production/mixing was with perfection. All of the instruments and vocals blended in perfectly so that you can hear everything in unison. The vocals don't drown out the guitar or drums. All of the songs are only about 3-4 minutes in length. There's only 8 tracks on the album and it clocks in for only about 30 minutes in length. But these 30 minutes are black metal the way that it should be played which is fast and furious. There are little bomb intros to some of the songs then blast the guitar and drums come in and dominate.

It's hard to find any faults with this album. Everything seems to fit evenly with the band's performance. Top notch black metal that doesn't have much diversity, only speed. That's what Panzer Division is all about. Fast and furious metal with Legion's killer vocal outputs. If you want to hear some black metal frenzy then get Panzer Division. It doesn't fall short from any standpoints. I can't see why anyone would say anything negative about this release. There isn't much else but a frenzy of madness among these Satanic human beings. Fast, furious, gutsy and unrelenting in the 30 minutes that this album devours.

  1. Panzer Division Marduk
  2. Baptism By Fire
  3. Christraping Black Metal
  4. Scorched Earth
  5. Beast Of Prey
  6. Blooddawn
  7. 502
  8. Fistfucking God's Planet

Reviewer: Death8699
Jan 31, 2012

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