Maroon - Order

Death metal mixed with hardcore (metalcore), is the music of Germany's Maroon.  Line-up: Andre Moraweck - vocals, Sebastian Grund - guitar, Sebastian Rieche - guitar, Tom-Eric Moraweck - bass, Nick Wachsmuth - drums whom are dedicated to honest, vigorous and timeless metal sounds. "Order" creeps in with a very haunting atmospheric tone for an intro then heads into shredding leads, catchy riffs, most agressive vocals with some black metal hints added in with some good thrash feel in some places. The bass and drums are pounding and the sound quality is awesome.

There is alot of comparission to Metallica with  the rthythm structures which could be both a good thing and bad for the fact that those whom pick up on this then expect to hear a Metallica like track but the vocals totally knock that feeling out of wack hehe also this can tend to steel abit from the originallity and unique sound which this band is striving for inorder to stand out amnoungst the lot of metalcore bands out there.

There is alot of diversity on this album even though some tracks can be predictable. Listeners must expect the unexpected and not get high on expectations of what  you think this album might be about or how you think it is supposed to sound.

Giving my rating of 3/5 for this one.


1. Morin Heights
2. Erode
3. Stay Bruta
4. A New Order
5. Bleak
6. This Ship Is Sinking
7. Call Of Telah
8. Leave You Scared & Broken
9. Children Of The Next Level
10. Bombs Over Ignorance
11. Wolves At The End Of The Street
12. Schatten
Century Media Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 30, 2009

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