Masacre – Brutal Aggre666ion

Has it really been 10+ years since their last studio release!? Re-ignited Columbian death metal aggressors have been at this game since 1989, seasoned, yes, PR wise, well this came out last year so one hopes we shall have some more exposure in the future to this album for a band with such historical relevance in their home country.

It’s a shame the running order isn’t different as it does get better as the album progresses, their experience shows in the arrangements most certainly. English titles like ‘War In Hell’ are typical of this band, and of ten years ago, so I guess it’s not classed as old school yet – ha. However, the pummelling nature of said tracks and the ‘Satanic Peace Agreement’ makes you wonder of all those bands some years ago that churned out this style album after album. Times may have changed, but the quality still resides here I am pleased to report. The closer ‘Valle de la Muerte’ is a riff monster, a juggernaut of power as the album title suggests. From the double kick assault, the relatively clear vocal barrage to the insane lead breaks, fans of this style of death metal will be in their element. There was always something different with bands coming from somewhere other than the USA and Europe, Masacre are the perfect example. There’s a different hunger and delivery, it seems much rawer, more street level, it’s still a damn fine sound to immerse yourself in that’s for sure.

You won’t find a massive shift from their previous material, Masacre are good at what they do, the benefit of more punchy modern production that still lets the older sound and style shine through is of benefit most definitely. Don’t be surprised, it’s this album does exactly what you expect it too, but with a touch more class than earlier releases. It’s nice to have these guys back.

Reviewer: Paul Maddison

Aug 3, 2015

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Masacre – Brutal Aggre666ion

  1. La Guerra  
  2. Mutilated  
  3. Bullets  
  4. War In Hell
  5. Donde Habita El Mal  
  6. Satanic Peace Agreement  
  7. Reality Death  
  8. The Calm Before The Storm  (Instrumental) 
  9. Valle De La Muerte

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