Mask Of Judas - Axis

Mask Of Judas are a unique blend of groove and tech metal hailing from the South Coast of the UK. Featuring vicious screams and quirky vocal lines, Mask of Judas’s sound flows from raw heaviness to needle-precision tech. The bands inspirations are many, their goal to make interesting, new heavy music that will leave all metal fans with a fresh perspective

Hard to imagine someone as pretty as Jo Challen growling like a bloke the size of Johan Hegg – but she does! And this 5 track E.P proves it, changing over to a lilting tone that is superb blending with 8 string technical riffage that carves its path. Make way for Mask Of Judas!

Crown The Sun
Impacting with tremendous aggression it accentuates power and ingenuity reinventing textures and solid passages of pure technical genius. Switching between high octane growls and beautiful lilting mode – this is amazing! The track deepens in mood only to suck you further into it with a hungry passion. Dramatic as it is immense with the building rhythmic guitar and blasting drum beats this really packs a punch to the jaw of humanity!

Continuing with highly charged rhythms it makes me greedy to sample the corrosive growls like a rabid dog to water. The spiteful creativity is cut short as Jo takes on a more melodic tone with ease and then back to her grisly tone of spiteful hatred. It is unrelenting in shifting technicalities and is truly incredible and you are literally deluged in a ferocious combat of brutal and beautiful.

Outstanding from the beginning this track provokes an edgy passion of innovation and intrigue. The mesmerising passages continually fluctuate and give you a right aural thirst as you are constantly battered with brutal rhythms. Flowing seamlessly with a shredding that outlines Reece and Sam’s potential which I think they have surpassed with flying colours. The bass hooks are also noteworthy.

The Ascension
Another astonishing encounter as this track murderously comes to life, screaming and showing its sonic rage of aggression.  The vocal takes on a mesmerising eastern type vocal and then dives into the abyss for another onslaught of ravaging gnarly growls as the music twists the knife in the back of the listener and draws blood on each and every note that is spewed forth with ravenous malice.

Should You Leave With Nothing
More apocalyptic terror emerges ripping everything from its path with an uncontrolled anger equaled to none. It contains a pumping rhythm that simply takes a few layers of skin from your body as the growls take over. It can easily be described as abrasive and evolves into a feverish conglomerate of ripping shreds, with hard and edgy bass hooks.  The drum beats are constantly pulverising and again it submerges you in the evil poisonous growls contained within it.

The technical skills mixed with the raucous vocal and the more melodic vocal tones are to the extreme, evoking a superb emotive force and incurs an up surge of imagination for the listener as the grooves, hooks, rhythms and beats flourish effortlessly  commanding your compliance with every track so expertly played.

Highly intense with provocative and impacting gratification – this is one 5 track E.P you have to listen to – to fully appreciate the strong levels of ferocity that just explodes as you ignite the spark, by simply pressing ‘play’ on your computer. This E.P does not have limits it exceeds them!


  1. Crown The Sun
  2. Endeavour
  3. Axis
  4. The Ascension
  5. Should You Leave With Nothing

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
May 8, 2013

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