Mastabah - Quintessence Of Evil

Mastabah claim to be dark extreme brutal death with "no gravityblasts". These guys are from Poland which in its own right has a great pedigree of death metal with Vader, Decapitated and Behemoth all hailing from there.

It has to be said with making a statement like "no gravityblasts" the drums are what spring to attention. It sounds packed to the gills with gravity blasts with a ridiculously triggered drum sound that sounds complete shit. Theres nothing new on offer here that you havent heard before. Though its got to be said its one of the most brutal releases I heard in while from Poland and certainly alot more groovier than the aforementioned Polish peers. The production (shit drum sound aside) is damn mighty and very crushing. The playing on this album is pretty damn awesome but I have to say completely spoiled by the drum sound. I really dig the fact that the bass is nicely audible and can be heard twanging very nicely in the mix. My favourite thing about this record is the vocals. The vocal delivery is fantastic with an impressive range from piercing highs to guttural lows which to me keeps the listener very interested. I alsoreally like the guitar tone but to me what lets this album down is the song writing. To me theres nothing that stands out and im sure ill stand corrected by alot of people on this but hey opinions are like assholes, everyones got one. Ill keep an eye on these guys for there is potential to write a huge brutal death metal album but to me theres just nothing new. Certainly worth a listen I'm sure there will be loads who like this but its not for me. Mediocre stuff.

1. Shithole
2. Human Gut
3. Hunger
4. The Show
5. Revelation
6. Blind
7. Humanity Is A Lie
8. Fleshart
9. Rotting Reality

Wyrm Records
Reviewer: Connor
Apr 21, 2010

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