Mastectomy - Hell On Earth

Two years after their participation in "Gutted By One Man", a one man band 4way split CD released by Rotten Music, here they come with their full length and I gotta tell you. It is was exactly what I was expecting of them after their 4 song participation in that particular split. Better production, better song constructions and in general an upgrade for Mastectomy.

"Hell On Earth" starts with a 2 minute intro/song and then 'Repulsive Inhuman Beastiality' breaks in. Old school death metal riffs and song construction mostly. Mastectomy combine the old school approach on death metal with an extended use of palm muted chords. You can find the typical swirling riffs enhanced with some technical interleaves backed up by a loud and bright bass guitar and drums that vary from groovy 4/4 to blast beating. The drumming here is really careful without any exaggerations, despite the fact that in some super super raged blast beats , the man just forgot to check what was the sign on the metronome, leading to something like 450 bpm and so but other than that, it's down to earth. It claims no special attention. Just to hold this entire thing together and this is something that works for Mastectomy.

The vocals take turns between shrieks and old school growls with the cauldron leaning more towards the growling part. And how couldn't it? It's death metal we're talking about here. There are many modern death metal elements to their music but they are used cleverly to enrich the old school style of song writing Mastectomy have. Their songs are also enriched by samples as intros or outros to them which for me personally is a plus point to the entire release.

The only thing blackening this new release from Mastectomy is, I believe, the length. 14 songs in 50 minutes I believe is a bit too much information for a death metal release but again that is a minor scar to the entire release. Mastectomy have achieved to step on the right foot in this first full length of them under Rotten Music. Managed to create an impression with it and of course high hopes for the second.

  1. Destroying The Monument Of Holy Mary
  2. Repulsive Inhuman Bestiality
  3. Global Cesspool
  4. Suffocated By Barbed Wire
  5. Krew Za Krew (Blood For Blood)
  6. Domain Of A Dreadful Reprisal
  7. Multiple Injections Pavulon
  8. Deadly Chain Of Events
  9. Beat Down That Fucking Bitch
  10. Aborted From A God's Womb
  11. Squeezing The Trigger
  12. Family Execution
  13. Pornopeadophilic Infestation
  14. Sadystyczne Zabawy (Sadistic Games)