Master - The Human Machine

Master are an often overlooked death metal band. From their earliest inception in the mid-eighties, they have been chomping away at the podium places, but never quite made it in terms of death metal superstardom. Whether they would want that is another question all together actually. Paul Speckmann and the most stable line up for 6 years; including Alex Nejezchleba on Guitar and Zdenek Pradlovsky on drums, produce death metal old school style as if it is a walk in the park. Their last opus ‘Slaves to Society’ won over many fans and press a-like, ‘The Human Machine’ continues where that left off. You are under no illusion; this is heads down death metal the way it’s done best.

Mixing things with a thrashier groove, the death metal beat pounds at your very soul and darkens your twisted mind when you hear the observational tirades from Speckmann including ‘Suppress Free Thinking’ and ‘It’s What Your Country Can Do For You’. Modern artwork leads to a distorted vision of the legendary logo, but the digital clarity of the cover is something you have come to expect in the modern era. ‘Twisted Truth’ has a stab at religion, well why not eh, whilst the odd blast-beat here and there keep the listener entertained throughout the albums running time. I have not found one weak track or filler moment on this release.

Master have no trouble convincing you that this is some of their best work in a while, ‘The Human Machine’ sits alongside fan favourite classic Master albums, welcome back, always a pleasure.

1. The Human Machine
2. It’s What Your Country Can Do For You
3. Twisted Truth
4. True Color
5. Suppress Free Thinking
6. A Replica Of Invention
7. Faceless Victims Expelled
8. Worship The Sun
9. The Lack Of Space
10. Impale To Kill

Pulverised Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 12, 2010

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