MataMachete - Tanin No Kao

I couldn’t find many evidences about this Swiss outfit via the internet, however in a way or another I managed to gather more info about this band.  This band is relatively new to me and before I review their stuff, I wanna say that this band will surely deserve your attention.

Sources defined the musical genre of Matamachete as Industrial Cyber Punk, and this definition is true in light of what they perform; however I don’t think such definition will suffice.  Having Punk as main structure, their guitar riffing is quite pounding at times (typical of Death Metal and Hardcore), and harshness plus extremity is never lacking. In addition, other musical elements like Crossover and a bit of Grind-core (which originated from Punk to such an extent) are also present. As well, hints of groovy Drum’n’Bass is occasionally present through the performance of a distorted bass and the outstanding drumming.

On the other hand, their music is well filled with slithering Industrialized sounds, break-beats and other electronic sounds which make the whole release diverse, rich and not boring. This is a release which will definitely keep the listener awake and hyper.  Also I shouldn’t even exclude the dual vocals performed in such a style that can be found in Hardcore and NU Metal, varying from yells, speeches, lo-fi voices and other variations which spice up the music.

Just imagine a bit of Red Hot Chili Peppers, together with Industrialized grooves and sounds from The Prodigy all accompanied by the toughness of Modern chunky Metal.

Matamachete represents one of those very few who managed to provide a proper mix of Metal and Electronic music.



  1. Modus Operandi
  2. Tanin No Kao
  3. Greed
  4. Breakaway
  5. Teknofury
  6. Brand Of The Beast
  7. Count Me Out
  8. Wasted
  9. Wall Of Pain
  10. Freedom Of Choice
  11. Few Things To Share
  12. Cabec¦ºa Dinossauro


D-Trash Records
Reviewer: Jo
Dec 22, 2009
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