May Result - Svetogrdje

From Serbia (Yugoslavia) this black metal band is hailing. Never heard of this band before but this is their 4th full length. It is starting with an atmospheric intro and is flowing over in a mid tempo hymn. Double bass drums, tempo changes, raw vocals, keyboards and the raving guitars. Long duration of the songs and so this album is over the 70 mins. But you get an album that is diverse in melody and atmosphere.
The CD is available for 10 euro from the label directly.

1. Navia / Kad crt sedne na presto
2. Mesec je sad sa nama
3. Noc crnog plamena
4. Zloslut
5. Svetogrdje
6. U narucju mrtvog boga
7. Pogrom
8. Kraljevstvo mrtvih gavrana / epilog

With bouns CD

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Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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