Meat Shits - Give Hate A Chance

Seeing the cover in that comic style offensive drawing, it is funny because it also has been 25 years since John Lennon died. But look for yourself and see more funny things. Or do you find it offensive? Anyway, Meat Shits is a gore porn grind band that put 29 songs on this album. Most of them are short or are intros and mostly dealing with porn (track 11). Some songs have that techno drum beat in (track 2). Vocals are brutal and get the help from a second shouter. The songs don't have that grinding tempo but a lot of different tempos. This is an album that should be seen in perspective and then you have a funny and good time. So take a beer and relax.

1 Forfeit Your Worthless Life
2 Forced To Have Sex
3 Selective Inbreeding
4 Terror Against Gays
5 Worm Food
6 Burn The Bitch
7 Stainless Steel Intercourse
8 A fresh Face (To Rape)
9 Acid Bath
10 Another Dead Fucking Bitch
11 Reign Of Sodom
12 Teenage Girls
13 Basket Case Fuck
14 N.M.F.
15 Silence Machine
16 The Nightmare Continues (Discharge Cover)*
17 Fag Killer 2.0**
18 Vicious Act OF Machismo**
20 Psychotic Interlude
21 Excrement Infection Of The Male Urethra **
22 She Never Says No**
23 Dickless / Just Say Fuck**
24 Immaculate Mutilation**
25 Cum On Your Fucking Face**
26 Don't Have a nice day**
27 Horrifing Scenario**
28 Vaginal Verman**
29 there Is no God**

*16 Bonus Track
** 19-29 Bonus Live Tracks from 9/12/04 Houston, TX Cardis 2000

Sevared Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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