Meatyard / Maggots - Split

Another split release of No Escape Records. This time Meatyard from New Zealand and Maggots from Holland. Meatyard kicks off with 6 tracks on their first official release in their 10 years of existence. Is this negative or positive? Both. They play old school gore deathgrind in a very nice way but it is nothing new. The songs are oke but they miss some exciting hook. Which make my head turn when playing. Meatyard is oke and their upcoming full length will be oke but one in the dozen. Maggots unleash 10 tracks of pure fury. These songs are taking from their 2005 promo and show potential rotting. Furious and ferocity speed with catchy grooves. Combing grind with thrash in well oiled machine. Good split release for the grinders among us.

1. Molested Guts
2. Bukkake
3. Maggot Man
4. Shit Smear
5. Monique
6. Necrowhore Of Sodom

7. Daddy Ghoul
8. Mangled Maggot Milkshake
9. Promoters Of Very Evil Evil
10. The Graveyard Grind
11. Bloodsucking Geeks
12. We Put The G In Gore
13. Dead & Loving It
14. The Toxic Breath Of Dr Death
15. I Like It When You Die
16. Cannibal Crackers

No Escape Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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