Meinhof - The Rush Hour Of Human Misery

At first I have to mention that I really like Grind- or Crustcore because of the raw energy and the radical attitude. But what the hell is this? Drumcomputer Crust/Punk with female vocals? London's Meinhof (named after a famous German terrorist) uses some good ideas and also some typical great Crust riffs, but the drumcomputer ruins it all. It simply sounds too cold, too absurd and last but not least too mechanical for a political motivated Crustcore outfit with lyrics about religion, capitalism and so on. I already heard CD's that sound even more crappier than “The Rush Hour Of Human Misery”, but Meinhof's release is nothing but a fucked up production that sounds like it was recorded in a garbage can. I'm sure the songs will be much better if you listen to them live, but the band didn't manage it to capture their aggression on this CD. The last track was obviously played by a real human drummer, which is surely the right way for Meinhof, because it sounds a lot more credible. Check 'em out if think that every garage band should record an album. If not, stay away as far as you can.

1. The Rush Hour Of Human Misery
2. Hell
3. Punk Rock Star
4. You Are Not A Victim
5. Bleeding Soul
6. This Is Murder
7. Church Of Hedonism
8. Their Worst Enemy
9. Out Of System
10. Islamic Rage
11. Lie
12. EZLN
13. The Labour Chain
14. If There Is A Hope
15. What Next/Hands Off Me/Another War
FDA Rekotz
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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