Melektaus – Trascendence Through Ethereal Scourge

Formed in 1998, Melektaus come from Chile and this is their only full-length so far, released five years ago. Just like any other death metal act coming from South America, Melektaus also guarantees tons of evil brutality; after all it’s a fact that the scene in countries such as Argentina, Brazil or Chile totally lacks of melody.

“Trascendence Through Ethereal Scourge” on the other hand, is full of occult, heretic and brutal as fuck death metal. Each song is a complete and solid composition and it’s obvious that the band knows how to put the listener on a trip into a chaotic, dark atmosphere. The elements are known: massive blast beats and concrete razor-riffing leading to severe mid-tempos, leading back again to fast parts and dismal guitar solos and all this process enhanced by the band’s high level of technicality. Your guide on this hellish trip is a very successful singer – growling and spitting lyrics, more than appropriate of the situation.

It’s strange why this band has not released anything new yet. Their music is awesome and no fan of occult death metal should be disappointed by it. I believe Melektaus can stand next to similar acts like Dead Congregation or Necros Christos without fear definitely!

1. The Rebellion Against The False God
2. Trascendence Through Ethereal Scourge
3. The Flame Of Knowledge
4. Kakophonic Whispers
5. Adoration To The Most High Powers
6. The Primal Void Of Nothingness
7. Ecstasy In Heru-Ra-Ha
8. Upon The Flames
9. Regression To The Primary State

Grotesque Music
Reviewer: Iakhos
Feb 4, 2010

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