Melting Eyes - My Final Resting Place

Melting Eyes is a new death metal band from the Netherlands but its line-up consists of experienced musicians who have played in bands like Warmaster, Compos Mentis and The Impaler. "My Final Resting Place" is their debut EP in which they offer six tracks of first-class death metal.

The first two tracks 'Bringer Of War' and 'My Final Resting Place' hit hard with stomping old school death metal in the vein of Asphyx, Benediction and Unleashed. Speaking of Unleashed, Melting Eyes' vocalist Pier Segaar reminds me with his growls of the big frontman of Unleashed Johnny Hedlund.

The third track 'Only The Void Remains' starts with an air raid siren and has a strong Bolt Thrower vibe. 'Creation Undone' is the slowest track in this EP, somehow it reminds me of Amon Amarth probably because it has that epic feel in it. The closing two tracks 'Embrace The Madness' and 'Rise From Below' will make you headbang with its furious rhythm and heavy guitar riffs.

The sound production is on a very good level, you can hear every instrument clearly. Melting Eyes show great potential and offer one very strong debut EP. The debut full-length album will be an interesting listen for sure!

5 / 5 STARS

1. Bringer Of War
2. My Final Resting Place
3. Only The Void Remains
4. Creation Undone
5. Embrace The Madness
6. Rise From Below

Self released
Reviewer: Tsvetan
Sep 6, 2021

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