Menstruophagist – Lollipocracy

Probably hailing as one of the more odd albums released in 2015, but Menstruophagist do not disappoint on “Lollipocracy”; An album that needs not grow on it’s listener, as each track engulfs them with a realm of grindcore meets comedy.

This Italian band, who of which I’ve never encountered before, use different elements of extreme metal such as brutal death metal and slam. Both of which are commonly used in the underground scene, but Menstruophagist really shake things up with their comedic samples that appear in mostly all tracks. Production values lack, which is a grindcore partnership unfortunately, and something that puts me off the genre completely. Having said that, this album is strangely impressive. Every track is interesting; The riffs are catchy, the vocals are about as inhuman as you can get, not forgetting the hilariously titled tracks such as ‘Addicted To Golden Syrup’, ‘Hug Me’, and ‘I Still Believe In Santa’.

The diverse range of vocals and riffs evaluate into something almost completely new. Forget grindcore, deathgrind, speedcore etc, because this is a genre I like to personally call spazzgrind. The name explains itself as each track is like a mysterious box bouncing around the room waiting to be opened and explored, and once opened – detonates into a bizarre whirlwind of chaotic noise, that often doesn’t even really make any sense, but is somehow rewardable in an unknown functionable way. Menstruophagist use this spazzgrind genre as an almost, slip out of the scene escape plan from the hordes of genre titles already out there. And it works.

Favorable tracks on this album include ‘I Love Kittens‘, ‘Goreador‘, and ‘Atomic Kinder Egg‘. But to be honest there wasn’t a song among them that I took a disliking too. The album is an eccentric listening pleasure, that would appeal to anyone in the world of music that likes lots of random noises, crusty riffs, and generally just angry things. Play it, enjoy…and Probably get either offended or weirded out along the way.

Reviewer: The Fetus Bin

Feb 3, 2016

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Menstruophagist – Lollipocracy

  1. Declaration Of Fluffiness
  2. I Love Kittens
  3. Chocolate Holocaust
  4. Teddy Bear
  5. I Still Believe In Santa
  6. Bread Butter And Honey
  7. Addicted To Golden Cyrup
  8. Candy Crust Saga
  9. Atomic Kinder Egg
  10. First Dates Are Made For Walking
  11. Mass-Sacher
  12. Marziblast
  13. Pievorous
  14. Goreador
  15. Under A Funeral Muffin
  16. Hug Me
  17. Revenge Is An Icecream
  18. Panzer Division Muffin
  19. Save The Last Dance
  20. Snack Of Doom

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