Mercyless – Abject Offerings

Mercyless was created in 1987. 3 demo tapes later “Immortal Harmonies”, “Visions from the Past”, “Vomiting Nausea” from 1988 to 1990. They recorded their first album “Abject Offerings” released on Vinyl on solution Records with Colin Richardson. Carcass, Machine Head, Napalm death in 1992. This album was very well received worldwide and all these positive reactions were a great encouragement to progress in this infernal way!

Now re-released ‘Abject Offerings’ on their new label GDR the band are set for new heights despite once being part of the old metal furniture!”

Nyarlathotep (intro)
Deeply disturbing, imposing and tense the edginess will make your skin crawl with immediate effect. The vocals are explosive and charge through the powerful lyrics quicker than an express train. I can safely say that the band do not drag their heels in maintaining that evil atmosphere.

Abject Offerings
Icy shards of cold and uncompromising frets plow unmercifully to quickening powerful beats that ignite and devour. Spreading discord through-out the track the sultry heaviness will entrance the ears and offer something neatly sublime.

A Message For All Those Who Died
Embracing and yet hostile this track offers thunderous weaves of delight as it pounds heavily on the senses and engages with a creative enterprise. It bursts at the seams and explodes with a feisty chugging onslaught. A very impressive track indeed.

Substance Of Purity
This is so ravenous it will eat you from the inside out! Its madness bubbles over into an intense lava flow that is simply vitriolic! It grows with eager passions and fuses its powerful elements together to reveal its vice like grip.

Flesh Divine
This track explores a further wild side that is fraught with antagonistic and predacious riffs that batter the senses uncontrollably. Engrossing and with superb imaginative rhythms it holds attention and delves into the rabid and emotional current that runs through its core. Superb!!

“It is difficult to choose a favourite track as they are all master-pieces in their own right! In fact it is an album that can be savoured with the use of headphones and a volume level that goes way past 11 on the dial!”

Without Christ
Unrelenting the power increases to an incredible height. Its presence is dark and entwines around the senses in a mocking stance. Pumped with adrenaline and high speed contagion it knows no bounds.

Unformed Tumours
Superb title to go with another superb track that will melt the brain and devour the senses! The spicy riffs engage and leave one feeling mesmerised by the vicious assault that descends from its tempting grooves. Vocally snarling and evil it is one mutha of a track!

Burned At The Stake
Spiked with yet more pure evil as the intensity explodes into a devilish acidity. It swaggers with a surging vengeance and tenacity. The guitars literally scream in agony as the track plays out. The pulsing frenzy is stoked with energy.

Through-out this malignant force of pure evil it really gives the mind something hard to focus on.  The growls and strong vocals fester under the flesh while the music captures the imagination. It is difficult to choose a favourite track as they are all master-pieces in their own right! In fact it is an album that can be savoured with the use of headphones and a volume level that goes way past 11 on the dial. It can also be safely said that the album will indeed possess you as the entity it houses is unleashed taking you to a place you don’t want to return from. The energy and passion rips out your very entrails just as any forceful metal album should and leaves the listener satisfied but wanting more of the same. It is a distinctive album that revels in uncompromising structures that wholly never fade. It’s one truly orgasmic album that deservedly needs to be in every metal heads collection!

Mercyless – live up to their name make no mistake!

Reviewer: Pagan Hel

Mar 28, 2015

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Mercyless – Abject Offerings

  1. Nyarlathotep (intro)        
  2. Abject Offerings   
  3. A Message For All Those Who Died     
  4. Substance Of Purity        
  5. Flesh Divine
  6. Without Christ      
  7. Unformed Tumours        
  8. Burned At The Stake


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