Mercyless – The Mother Of All Plagues

French death metal kings are back with their seventh full length “The Mother Of All Plagues”. Having been on a winning streak since their reboot back in 2011 the band are losing none of their venom, aggression and momentum and have delivered their most direct relentless album yet.

‘Rival Of The Nazarene’ attacks with an assault of riffage and pummelling drums. With a short interlude followed by a blistering solo the band pack everything they are known for in just over four minutes. The album doesn’t let up from there, it just attacks track after track. No song hits the 4:30 mark. It’s Mercyless at their most direct.

This album is air tight and there isn’t an ounce of fat on it. To further that point this album goes back to the bands classic debut “Abject Offerings” while the bands previous two albums “Unholy Black Splendor” and “Pathetic Divinity” leaned more towards 1993’s “Coloured Funeral” in terms of style. It seems on this outing the band have stripped back and gone for the jugular.

The darkness of Incantation, the complexity of Immolation and thrown in for good measure just at the right time the slow dirty, sludge of Obituary. With their toxic mix for riffs, groove, darkness and infectious melodic solos. Mercyless deliver a perfect slice of death metal.

4 / 5 STARS 

Reviewer: Joe Denby

Aug 21, 2020

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Mercyless – The Mother Of All Plagues

review Mercyless – The Mother Of All Plagues

1. Infection
2. Rival Of The Nazarene
3. Banished From Heaven
4. Bring Me His Head
5. Contagion
6. Laqueum Diaboli
7. Descending To Conquer
8. Inherit The Kingdom Of Horus
9. The Mother Of All Plagues
10. All Souls Are Mine
11. Litany Of Supplication


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