Mesmerize – Paintropy

Starting out in the tail end of the eighties, Mesmerize have a long recording career behind them. Whilst I have heard a few of their earlier songs, this latest on pushes the boundaries from a mere traditional or power metal sound into a more upbeat style, no too dissimilar to Nevermore vocally with a touch of Destiny’s End and Absolva in the music style (especially on ‘’), but with a European edge which is particularly present on the opener ‘It Happened Tomorrow’. The sound is hard, it’s heavy, it’s certainly tight around the edges and is delivered with a sense of purpose.

‘Monkey In Sunday Best’ is an intriguing title, it begins very fast although I was half expecting some sort of Monty Python lyric, but alas..! The hard hitting sound and a song like ‘Within Without’ shows experience and also why they are one of the hottest Italian musical exports. There are lots of areas of “epic”, there are a few nods to thrash in places but the traditional metal element does more for the listener than lazily lump them into a power metal category, for which this is not, but it is European in its stance which has been such a crowded marketplace for so many years for this style. I love the vocal harmony in the chorus to ‘One Door Away’ and ‘Mrs Judas’ is full of fast syncopation and tantalising shredding sections, but again remaining strong the vocal department.

The music is simply well played, whether you are a fan of the genre or not, this works well and maybe could have another half point more in this review but I can certainly say that ‘Paintropy’ is a good account of the current Mesmerize way of thinking.

Reviewer: Paul Maddison

Jun 21, 2013

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Mesmerize – Paintropy

  1. It Happened Tomorrow
  3. A Desperate Way Out
  4. Monkey In Sunday Best
  5. Midnight Oil
  6. Within Without
  7. One Door Away
  8. Paintropy
  9. Shadows At The Edge Of Perception
  10. Mrs Judas
  11. You Know I Know
  12. Masterplan
  13. Promises

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