Metamorphosis - Born Of Might

This album from German Black/Death one man band/project has had a lot of airtime on my stereo of late, of course, not to be confused with the other Metamorphosis of death/grind orientation from the same country, but a mix of blackened Thrash, atmospheric black metal and a heavy influence of Mercyful Fate (without the falsetto vocals of course). Musically speaking, this album is full of masterpieces in terms of arrangement, delivery and overall feel, the ambience is quite spectacular. ‘Infernal Winds’ powers through the fog and leaves you breathless, quite simply a true musicians piece, with a thoughtfulness sometimes forgotten in modern metal, but whilst Metamorphosis takes many a cue from the past masters, there is no doubt that this is more than a copycat album. Each track brings a new dimension to an overall theme. You could say theatrical in a way, even the tasteful inclusion of keyboards enhance your listening mood, and this is coming from a guy who thinks keyboards and metal just don’t belong together! ‘Within the Veil of Dusk’ starts out acoustic, the tone, the sound, continues to build until the metal enters the playing field. This is a transformation almost taken from Norse mythology itself, a deep vocal provides the backbone whilst the remainder of the music arranges itself into another epic number, bearing in mind this is an album filled with so many. You have to think that some albums or bands struggle to find even one major tune in their careers, this reminds me of the some of the highlights from the Scandinavian death and black underground scene.

Quite simply, ‘Born of Might’ is an atmosphere driven blackened look at the world beyond the blastbeat, the breakdown, the flutes and everything in between. Not that often does an album come along that I find hard not to continuously play, however, you need to snap this one up pretty quick. ‘Born of Might’ is an understated future classic, go on the journey with Boris Ascher, its very enlightening.

  1. Born Of Might
  2. Black Blood
  3. Pan’s Labyrinth
  4. Visions From Beyond
  5. Iceworld
  6. Infernal Winds
  7. A Mystical Journey
  8. Within The Veil Of Dusk
  9. Maelstrom Of Chaos
  10. Descent Into The Void

Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 14, 2011

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