Metator - Akocedaktor

From hot and sunny Spain here is this duo dedicated to a death / brutal with multiple grindcore hues. Metator arrive at the first full lenght giving it the name of the first incarnation of the band, with whom they made themselves known in the previous decades and with whom they recorded a first demo in 2006.

Metator do not go much for the subtle and release in this "Akocedaktor" 13 songs very violent fired at full speed. Ground riffs and tight times that do not give room for any compromise. In my opinion, however, the way of singing of Ructator limits and dominates all the work done in terms of songwriting.

There are great ideas at the basic level but perhaps they should be exploited to the fullest. However, this does not mean that the final result fully reflects the most brutal thing you can hear in an album like this. The album closes with a cover by Motörhead that well reflects the tradition from which one starts and then reaches extreme and brutal limits. Sincere, genuine and "in your face" album. For lovers of the genre.

3 / 5 STARS

1. Sound Of Dark Matter
2. Akocedakor
3. The Unexpected Beauty Of Deformity
4. Suprema Agonía
5. Kea
6. Interlude
7. I La Foscor Lil Va Cobrir Els Ulls
8. Intro
9. Reencarnado En Tormenta
10. Kannabykon
11. Cabalgando Los Torbellinos
12. Fraktalizer
13. Bomber (cover Motörhead)

Self released
Reviewer: Enrico Benedetti
Sep 28, 2021
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