Meti Bhuvah - Meti Bhuvah

Meti Bhuvah is a weird, odd and mysterious band from the cold lands of Russia featuring a member from the band ‘Soli Diaboli Gloria’. ‘I’ is their first album containing 13 tracks durable from approximately 2 to 4 minutes including two Ildjarn cover versions (Sola Skjulttes and Minnesjord VI).

Primitive ugly lo-fi Black Metal is the genre they perform, and besides that, groovy Punk elements are also present, to an extent reminding me of Darkthrone (if you know what I mean!). The presented tracks are very straight forward, minimal and a bit repetitive.

The production is very dirty, but the album is not badly produced to an extent that nothing is clear! Facts show that everything presented in this album is intentional!

The band sounds quite like Ildjarn and not because they made two cover versions, but because they really have things in common. Vocals are the main thing I like! Nothing childish! Just grim and evil, the way it should be.

For conclusion, I have to be honest! Nothing remarkable and nothing outstanding, but if you are quite into bands like Ildjarn, you might indeed enjoy this one out!

1. Above All   
2. Dirt   
3. Open Your Eyes   
4. Winter I   
5. Winter II   
6. Purification   
7. Meti Bhuvah   
8. Winter III   
9. Rage   
10. Punishment   
11. Sola Skjultes (cover Ildjarn)   
12. Minnesjord, del 6 (cover Ildjarn)   
13. Epilogue

Assault Rex / The Howl
Reviewer: Jo
Apr 28, 2010

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