Mike Litoris Complot - The Art Of Pony Party

Cumming out of Hostert, Luxemburg and not taking anything seriously, these 6 weirdos that form Mike Litoris Complot are here to deliver a mix of all that's extreme. You'll come up with the typical pornogrind-grindcore themes, combined with brutal death metal and slam occasionally. Everything of course is sprinkled with a large dose of healthy "stupidity", leading to "The Art Of Pony Party", which is their first full length as a band. Take under consideration here that if you are a person that likes decent productions and "serious" performances, you'd better think again cos Mike Litoris Complot is all about sarcasm and fun, as of course the most the bands in this genre.

Short intro consisting of homemade soloing and samples. The proper one to get you in their zone. Then the circus breaks in. 'Circus Slammy Granny' is the name and things get messy. 4/4 grindcore beat with the typical combination of brutal growls and funny, silly, little, tiny voices of joy (????????WTF did I just write??). Those versed in this type of sound already got the point. Tracks proceed and it gets obvious that this is live gig material. Their true power is on stage. You can feel it as the hearing proceeds. Up-tempo beats that never let you catch a breath. Blast beats and thrash beats succeed one another in a huge wall of grind-brutal death riffing.

'I-Slam', 'Bukkelkacke', 'Harry Poter Is Gay', 'Orphan Crippler' and the hearing goes on strong. Can't hate those bastards. Their fun is combined cleverly with their music, creating many breathing points to the tracks, helping them not to get tiresome. A basic difference I find between them and the most bands of this genre, is the length their tracks. Not the typical 1 minute tracks here. Most of them have an average length of 3:30 minutes without that of course being a black spot for this album. 12 tracks in 46 minutes and you won't even know it. The album has a tight flow. Looks like the next track starts from where the previous one stopped.

'Gangbang Abortion', 'Ape Rape', 'De Bounepier' and the album sees its end. Fat bass guitar and itchy guitars held together by a tight drum performance and the growls/shrieks on top giving all kinds of hell. Production is the appropriate one. Dirty and slimmy as it should be. Instruments are visible though probably do to a clever mix. Point is that you'll get no shinny shit out of them. It will take you in the mud with it and you'll like it.

  1. Intro
  2. Circus Slammy Granny
  3. I-Slam
  4. Bukkelkacke
  5. Harry Potter Is Gay
  6. Orphan Crippler
  7. Disco Zombie Holocaust
  8. We Hate Fat People
  9. Municipal AIDS
  10. Gangbang Abortion
  11. Ape Rape
  12. De Bounepier (Helleft Denger Mamm Bei Der Wäsch)