Militaria - Remains With Pain

Militaria are a military themed metal act from Gold Coast Australia. Except some brutality and skill that is certainly unique to the act.

Militaria's newest album entitled "Remains With Pain" is a different kind of album then I'm used to predominantly about war times the whole album adds brutal realism to blast beats and guitar skill combined with growling vocals. To make a long story short I strongly recommend this album if you are a metal head as its unique and not what you'll be used to.

The first track 'Vietnam 1966' is a set up with a small amount of metal and a lot of sample however that is to be expected as its a build up for the second track and easily my favourite, the title 'Remains With Pain'. Which is just the right amount of death and reality it makes the track absolutely stand out. Kick starting straight into a fast druk pattern with groovy guitar continuing the feeling of incoming doom. However I must warn you if you listen to this song you will end up in full army gear and a gun in your hands as it sets the atmosphere for war perfectly. At roughly the minute mark the vocals kick in and they sound like screams combined with blood gurgles keeping that fun element. There is really nothing else that needs to said about this song it's amazing and easily the best in the album.

It is a shame that the rest of the album has no change sounding the exact same from beginning to end offering no change Militaria have a format and it is stuck to. That being said if you like that format then this album will be a favourite of yours and I cannot suggest it enough as it is a different kind of experience then we are all used to especially with its fun and unique gimmick which I'm sure members of the military would love.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Vietnam 1966
2. Remains With Pain
3. Mass Organic Corrosion
4. Strike Wounded
5. Infiltrate Destroy
6. Huey
7. Besieged By Napalm
8. Devastation Obsession
9. Ceasefire Ataraxia

Self released
Reviewer: Tom Peppard
Aug 31, 2021

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