Misanthropy Apotheosis – Against Your Filthy Kind

This small but brutal EP is a sample introduction to those who have not heard the Greek duo Misanthropy Apotheosis. “Against Your Filthy Kind” translates the band’s message well: groovy yet hateful lines delivered by death metal snarls with a clear production so the feeling is still 90s death metal but not raw and fuzzy akin to a group like Dismember. Right off with the opening title track one can definitely get a sense of groove oriented death metal that is similar to the likes of a group like Torture Killer or Six Feet Under, but Misanthropy deliver it with a little bit more ferocity, keeping at a fast or mid pace with very little room for slow moments. However, rather than be an overwhelming force of destruction, there is a plenty of melody injected with the guitar to help flesh out the groove moments. Instrumentalist Dimon’s Night showcases some impressive riffs along with his drumming moments.

While ‘All Hail The Slaughter Of The Whore’ doesn’t deviate too far from the title track style, the final ‘The Devil In Your Personal Hell’ does change things up a bit. Misanthropy Apotheosis finally slow down a bit which help show off Kydoimos’s fearsome growl and the track feels a bit more raw, much like something a group such as Gatecreeper would do. These doomy elements help show off more of a death n’ roll vibe, and listeners will find this probably the most ‘head bangable’ track of them all. Sadly there are not more tracks to showcase more of what Misanthropy Apotheosis can do, but one can check out their debut “Black Death Euphoria” from 2018 while they wait for the next full length that is to be chock full of death laden grooviness.

3 / 5 STARS 

Reviewer: Colin McNamara

Feb 18, 2021

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Misanthropy Apotheosis – Against Your Filthy Kind

review Misanthropy Apotheosis - Against Your Filthy Kind

1. Against Your Filthy Kind
2. All Hail The Slaughter Of The Whore
3. The Devil In Your Personal Hell


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